Gucci first quarter results soared 51%

Kaiyun Group recently released the first quarter of 2017 earnings, by its luxury brand Gucci strong push, the group rose 31.2% to 35.735 billion euros. Among them, the luxury sector recorded an increase of 34% to 2.4171 billion euros, the sports and leisure sector recorded an increase of 16.5% to 10.641 billion euros, it is noteworthy that the growth rate of Gucci for the first time in four years more than Saint Laurent, in the quarter recorded a surge in revenue 51% to 1.354 billion euros, Saint Laurent recorded an increase of 35.4% to 3.644 billion euros.

Deckers Group announced on Tuesday that the company is considering selling, the company has appointed Moelis & Co. LLC as a financial adviser, responsible for the study of the sale of the strategy and the development of programs. As a shareholder of Deckers, Red Hill Capital said last month that the company’s stock had poor performance in all major indices over the past three to five years and urged Deckers to seek outside acquisitions. Dex’s market value has fallen by a third since the end of 2014. After the news, Deckers shares rose 6.5% to $ 62.53 after the current market value of about $ 1.89 billion.

The Body Shop has released a three-year digital reform strategy, as part of the strategy, The Body Shop has launched a new mobile terminal platform for 11 countries, with integrated content distribution and online sales Function, these markets include the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, this year will also add 20 countries. It is reported that The Body Shop last year, online sales grew 19%, the 10 million pounds of investment is to further enhance the brand’s electricity business accounted for, is expected to reach 20% this year. “The digital platform has laid a solid foundation for the brand’s global expansion and future innovation,” said Harriet Williams, chief digital officer of The Body Shop.

Kaiyun Group’s revenue is far more than expected

Following LVMH, Prada and Burberry, Kering Group (Kering) released the latest earnings. In the three months ended March 31, the Group recorded a revenue of 3.57 billion euros, up 31.2% year on year.

Revenue accounted for one-third of the Gucci contributed – organic sales of 1.35 billion euros, an increase of 48.3%, the highest record of 20 years. The Italian brand of direct store revenue increased by 51.4% year on year. Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region recorded 66.4% and 63.1% year-on-year growth. Jean-Marc Duplaix, chief financial officer of Kaiyun, said at a meeting with analysts that Gucci is likely to finish the medium-term goal ahead of schedule and predict that the brand’s EBIT is expected to reach 30% this year.

“In view of Gucci in the creative rise, there is room for expansion, we have not yet reached its peak.” Jean-Marc Duplaix added that, for example, the current creative director Alessandro Michele in charge of Gucci design team after the first perfume, will be available this year.

However, he also admitted that the first quarter of 2016 sales were bleak, is affected by the European terrorist attacks. The denominator becomes smaller, the increase is naturally very gratifying, but “want to make a substantial increase in the next few years more and more difficult.” In addition, because Gucci transformation has ended, when the romantic and retro style brought freshness after the past, Gucci must return to the design itself, test Alessandro Michele creative strength came.

Luxury sales are recovering

Luxury sales are recovering. According to just announced a wave of luxury goods group earnings, LVMH in the first quarter of 2017 revenue rose 15%, and has been very positive in the social media, but the performance is poorly satisfactory Burberry has finally heard good news: On the 31st of the 2016 second half of the fiscal year, the brand revenue rose 14%.

But the performance of the most dazzling is still Kai Yun Group. In the latest release of the 2017 Q1 earnings, for the open cloud contributed one-third of the revenue of Gucci made 20 years the largest revenue growth: 48.3%. Which makes the entire group’s revenue growth of 31.2%.

Two years ago, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele just completed in March this year, his Milan headquarters show the first autumn and winter show. The brand has also been more active in social media marketing, with alien models, Meme art and other forms through the official Instagram account to promote clothing and watches, and follow the “political correct” trend in the latest ads all enabled black models.

Although some fashion commentators believe that Michele’s “extreme” in the continuation of a few quarters after the people feel tired, but the enthusiasm of consumers diminished rather than increase. In the Q1 earnings, Gucci’s all product categories have double-digit growth, and full-price merchandise sales significantly improved. From the geographical point of view, the largest increase in sales in Western Europe, reaching 66.4%; followed by the Asia-Pacific, reaching 63.1%. The report also mentioned that the brand “whether in the local consumers or tourists, the Millennium generation or other age groups, are good.”

The CEO of kaiyun Group is confident of the future development

Bernard Arnault, CEO of the French luxury giants LVMH Group, said recently that despite the Group’s excellent performance in the first quarter, it remained cautious throughout the year and warned that the luxury market could usher in the 2008 financial crisis Maximum adjustment.

But the French luxury goods group Kering (open cloud) CEO François-Henri Pinault in the just-concluded general meeting to show full confidence, especially for its star brand Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent (hereinafter referred to as YSL) high-profile optimistic.

In 2016 fiscal year, Kaiyun Group’s sales grew 6.9% to 12.385 billion euros, Gucci and YSL growth were 12.3% and 25.3%. On Tuesday, Kaifeng Group announced key financial data for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017, with total sales of € 3,574 million, up 31.2% year-on-year and 28.6% growth at constant exchange rates. The division is expected twice. While sales of Gucci and YSL increased by as much as 51.4% and 35.4% respectively.

Such a huge increase so that many people have the same question: how can such a rapid growth can last long? At the shareholders’ meeting on Thursday, Pinault said: “Gucci still has a lot of room for growth, growth may even further accelerate last year, we significantly enhance the efficiency of the store this year will continue to work in this area. We have found the opportunity to further enhance the overall performance of all regions, markets and various types of goods, and I believe that we have found the right direction of development.

Gucci is lack of a perfume

Since last year, including Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Kenzo, including luxury goods, fashion brands have to focus on the perfume product line, they are the first wading, or in the original business based on innovation, or the acquisition of small All boutique fragrance brand – in our previous reports, have mentioned these new army veterans, except the lack of Gucci.

Since Alessandro Michele as Gucci creative director, the brand re-ranks among the popular ranks. The new design style, Gucci clothing and accessories style change, but perfume products have never been updated.

In 2016, Gucci invited actor Jared Leto to take over his Snapchat account, and # guilty guilty # (# GuiltyNotGuilty) as the topic, for its “Guilty” Eau de Toilette, but although the marketing is a new way , But the actual perfume products is the former creative director Frida Giannini period of remnants. In addition, Gucci also has Bamboo, Flora and Gucci by Gucci this several main fragrance products.

GUCCI’s new perfume finally released

Last year, many high-luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Kenzo, including these fashion brands are almost a lot of their energy on the perfume product line, and some are only the first wading, and some are based on the original business innovation, There is also the acquisition of small minority boutique fragrance brand, and among them, GUCCI has been slow to see the launch, people are very curious.

Many people say that GUCCI may be a lot of time to invest in clothing, luggage and above, and some fashion people said GUCCI certainly has been planned, but not disclosed, really gives a strong sense of mystery, people in the expectations on Greatly enhance, Xiao Bian that this is a marketing approach.

Especially in Alessandro Michele as GUCCI’s creative director, the brand began to sell well, in the new design style, GUCCI clothing accessories style greatly changed, perfume did not move, curious to burst.

Customers are crazy about Gucci

From the perspective of revenue, the three luxury goods groups are showing a growing trend. LV parent company LVMH is still the most expensive luxury goods group, the first quarter revenue reached 9.9 billion euros, an increase of 15%, more than the sum of the other two groups of revenue.

While Gucci parent company Kering’s revenue growth in the first place, an increase of 31.2% to 3.573 billion yuan. Hermes also showed that although not the other two groups, but the revenue back to double-digit growth, to 1.352 billion euros.

LVMH departments have achieved double-digit revenue growth, this situation only appeared in 2011. Fashion and leather goods sector revenue grew 15% to 3.45 billion euros, continuing the growth trend in the fourth quarter of 2016. LV and Fendi are the main contributors to growth. Céline, Kenzo, Loewe and other brand performance has also increased.

Hermes, in addition to the watch sector revenue fell 3.5%, the rest of the departments have achieved double-digit growth. The perfume sector performed well and made a strong 18.8% growth with the new Eve des Merveilles Bleue and Galop d’Hermes series.

GUCCI publishes the first panorama VR movie

The VR film is inspired by the 2017 early autumn series designed by Gucci’s creative director, Alexandria, and the center of the dance floor, showing the psychedelic 360 ° interactive panorama effect.

Since 2015, Alexandra Zhuo Li Li Gucci Gucci as director since the creative director, art, retro, the atmosphere to become the charm of the new Gucci eyes. In the example of the spirit of Alexandra Mizuki, Gucci Garden, he combines a colorful and colorful animal and floral design into a series of fascinating visions.

Rice open love of street culture, good at branding into life, without losing the artistic qualities, with embroidery technology combined with all kinds of materials and fabrics, he is a creative director of the classic logo. Whether it is Gucci Garden in the animal and flower patterns embroidered in the clothes or accessories, he can always create a unique fashion street concept. With an array of beautiful patterns, to express the most realistic self-style, and become the leading global trend vane.

The film by photographer Glen Luchford palm mirror, Chris Simmonds served as artistic director. From the moment the dancers stepped into the club, Glen Luchford continued to shoot with the dancers’ steps, and the bright colors and passionate dances were fascinating.

GUCCI watch and jewelry tour in Chengdu

Gucci watch is extremely reliable and stable fashion watch one of the brand, since the early 1970s will be a clear design techniques and clear positioning constantly design, development and manufacture of highly iconic Gucci watch.

Exhibition in the design of the “treasure house”, to pay tribute to those who make Gucci new creative aesthetics out of the iconic style “password”. Gucci watch jewelry the latest launch of the watch and jewelry series and novel original works will be unveiled in the exhibition – in the elegant display cabinet with colorful velvet liner for the audience presented pleasing feast. Smoke black translucent window, creating a unique atmosphere of the lighting, decorated with Gucci logo black and white prints personalized paneling – all designed to create an elegant and charming atmosphere.

The new watches are from Le Marché des Merveilles, G-Timeless Moonphase, G-Timeless Gucci Signature and G-Timeless Slim series, and jewelry from Le Marché des Merveilles, GG Running, Gucci Flora and Icon series. Each of the exhibits highlights the broad creative concept of Gucci, with a rich source of inspiration – bees, heart-shaped, star-shaped, studded, and a variety of inspiration for the design elements of nature – to give the brand the latest launch Watch and jewelry with a new dimension.

Better than Gucci’s slippers

Star Lenzo – Bauer’s first signature shoe ZO2 yesterday at $ 495 high price in the Big Baller Brand on sale.

At the time of the “The Dan Le Batard Show”, Langzo’s father, Laval Bauer, asked how he had come up with the price.

“I think this figure is the value of this pair of shoes, and when you are your own boss, you can give any price you want,” he said, “he said,” he said.

In addition, the Big Baller Brand website also sold a price of $ 220 for the sandals, Laval also explained this.

“What kind of price does Prada and Gucci want to sell their stuff at what price,” said Laval, “our products are better and feel better than they are.”

He also said that the profits sold by shoes will be owned by Langzo, but he did not disclose the sales figures, did not disclose the cost of producing the shoes and the manufacturer.