Better than Gucci’s slippers

Star Lenzo – Bauer’s first signature shoe ZO2 yesterday at $ 495 high price in the Big Baller Brand on sale.

At the time of the “The Dan Le Batard Show”, Langzo’s father, Laval Bauer, asked how he had come up with the price.

“I think this figure is the value of this pair of shoes, and when you are your own boss, you can give any price you want,” he said, “he said,” he said.

In addition, the Big Baller Brand website also sold a price of $ 220 for the sandals, Laval also explained this.

“What kind of price does Prada and Gucci want to sell their stuff at what price,” said Laval, “our products are better and feel better than they are.”

He also said that the profits sold by shoes will be owned by Langzo, but he did not disclose the sales figures, did not disclose the cost of producing the shoes and the manufacturer.