GUCCI watch and jewelry tour in Chengdu

Gucci watch is extremely reliable and stable fashion watch one of the brand, since the early 1970s will be a clear design techniques and clear positioning constantly design, development and manufacture of highly iconic Gucci watch.

Exhibition in the design of the “treasure house”, to pay tribute to those who make Gucci new creative aesthetics out of the iconic style “password”. Gucci watch jewelry the latest launch of the watch and jewelry series and novel original works will be unveiled in the exhibition – in the elegant display cabinet with colorful velvet liner for the audience presented pleasing feast. Smoke black translucent window, creating a unique atmosphere of the lighting, decorated with Gucci logo black and white prints personalized paneling – all designed to create an elegant and charming atmosphere.

The new watches are from Le March̩ des Merveilles, G-Timeless Moonphase, G-Timeless Gucci Signature and G-Timeless Slim series, and jewelry from Le March̩ des Merveilles, GG Running, Gucci Flora and Icon series. Each of the exhibits highlights the broad creative concept of Gucci, with a rich source of inspiration Рbees, heart-shaped, star-shaped, studded, and a variety of inspiration for the design elements of nature Рto give the brand the latest launch Watch and jewelry with a new dimension.