GUCCI’s new perfume finally released

Last year, many high-luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Kenzo, including these fashion brands are almost a lot of their energy on the perfume product line, and some are only the first wading, and some are based on the original business innovation, There is also the acquisition of small minority boutique fragrance brand, and among them, GUCCI has been slow to see the launch, people are very curious.

Many people say that GUCCI may be a lot of time to invest in clothing, luggage and above, and some fashion people said GUCCI certainly has been planned, but not disclosed, really gives a strong sense of mystery, people in the expectations on Greatly enhance, Xiao Bian that this is a marketing approach.

Especially in Alessandro Michele as GUCCI’s creative director, the brand began to sell well, in the new design style, GUCCI clothing accessories style greatly changed, perfume did not move, curious to burst.