Gucci is lack of a perfume

Since last year, including Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Kenzo, including luxury goods, fashion brands have to focus on the perfume product line, they are the first wading, or in the original business based on innovation, or the acquisition of small All boutique fragrance brand – in our previous reports, have mentioned these new army veterans, except the lack of Gucci.

Since Alessandro Michele as Gucci creative director, the brand re-ranks among the popular ranks. The new design style, Gucci clothing and accessories style change, but perfume products have never been updated.

In 2016, Gucci invited actor Jared Leto to take over his Snapchat account, and # guilty guilty # (# GuiltyNotGuilty) as the topic, for its “Guilty” Eau de Toilette, but although the marketing is a new way , But the actual perfume products is the former creative director Frida Giannini period of remnants. In addition, Gucci also has Bamboo, Flora and Gucci by Gucci this several main fragrance products.