Gucci first quarter results soared 51%

Kaiyun Group recently released the first quarter of 2017 earnings, by its luxury brand Gucci strong push, the group rose 31.2% to 35.735 billion euros. Among them, the luxury sector recorded an increase of 34% to 2.4171 billion euros, the sports and leisure sector recorded an increase of 16.5% to 10.641 billion euros, it is noteworthy that the growth rate of Gucci for the first time in four years more than Saint Laurent, in the quarter recorded a surge in revenue 51% to 1.354 billion euros, Saint Laurent recorded an increase of 35.4% to 3.644 billion euros.

Deckers Group announced on Tuesday that the company is considering selling, the company has appointed Moelis & Co. LLC as a financial adviser, responsible for the study of the sale of the strategy and the development of programs. As a shareholder of Deckers, Red Hill Capital said last month that the company’s stock had poor performance in all major indices over the past three to five years and urged Deckers to seek outside acquisitions. Dex’s market value has fallen by a third since the end of 2014. After the news, Deckers shares rose 6.5% to $ 62.53 after the current market value of about $ 1.89 billion.

The Body Shop has released a three-year digital reform strategy, as part of the strategy, The Body Shop has launched a new mobile terminal platform for 11 countries, with integrated content distribution and online sales Function, these markets include the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, this year will also add 20 countries. It is reported that The Body Shop last year, online sales grew 19%, the 10 million pounds of investment is to further enhance the brand’s electricity business accounted for, is expected to reach 20% this year. “The digital platform has laid a solid foundation for the brand’s global expansion and future innovation,” said Harriet Williams, chief digital officer of The Body Shop.