GUCCI publishes the first panorama VR movie

The VR film is inspired by the 2017 early autumn series designed by Gucci’s creative director, Alexandria, and the center of the dance floor, showing the psychedelic 360 ° interactive panorama effect.

Since 2015, Alexandra Zhuo Li Li Gucci Gucci as director since the creative director, art, retro, the atmosphere to become the charm of the new Gucci eyes. In the example of the spirit of Alexandra Mizuki, Gucci Garden, he combines a colorful and colorful animal and floral design into a series of fascinating visions.

Rice open love of street culture, good at branding into life, without losing the artistic qualities, with embroidery technology combined with all kinds of materials and fabrics, he is a creative director of the classic logo. Whether it is Gucci Garden in the animal and flower patterns embroidered in the clothes or accessories, he can always create a unique fashion street concept. With an array of beautiful patterns, to express the most realistic self-style, and become the leading global trend vane.

The film by photographer Glen Luchford palm mirror, Chris Simmonds served as artistic director. From the moment the dancers stepped into the club, Glen Luchford continued to shoot with the dancers’ steps, and the bright colors and passionate dances were fascinating.

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