Customers are crazy about Gucci

From the perspective of revenue, the three luxury goods groups are showing a growing trend. LV parent company LVMH is still the most expensive luxury goods group, the first quarter revenue reached 9.9 billion euros, an increase of 15%, more than the sum of the other two groups of revenue.

While Gucci parent company Kering’s revenue growth in the first place, an increase of 31.2% to 3.573 billion yuan. Hermes also showed that although not the other two groups, but the revenue back to double-digit growth, to 1.352 billion euros.

LVMH departments have achieved double-digit revenue growth, this situation only appeared in 2011. Fashion and leather goods sector revenue grew 15% to 3.45 billion euros, continuing the growth trend in the fourth quarter of 2016. LV and Fendi are the main contributors to growth. CĂ©line, Kenzo, Loewe and other brand performance has also increased.

Hermes, in addition to the watch sector revenue fell 3.5%, the rest of the departments have achieved double-digit growth. The perfume sector performed well and made a strong 18.8% growth with the new Eve des Merveilles Bleue and Galop d’Hermes series.

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