Luxury sales are recovering

Luxury sales are recovering. According to just announced a wave of luxury goods group earnings, LVMH in the first quarter of 2017 revenue rose 15%, and has been very positive in the social media, but the performance is poorly satisfactory Burberry has finally heard good news: On the 31st of the 2016 second half of the fiscal year, the brand revenue rose 14%.

But the performance of the most dazzling is still Kai Yun Group. In the latest release of the 2017 Q1 earnings, for the open cloud contributed one-third of the revenue of Gucci made 20 years the largest revenue growth: 48.3%. Which makes the entire group’s revenue growth of 31.2%.

Two years ago, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele just completed in March this year, his Milan headquarters show the first autumn and winter show. The brand has also been more active in social media marketing, with alien models, Meme art and other forms through the official Instagram account to promote clothing and watches, and follow the “political correct” trend in the latest ads all enabled black models.

Although some fashion commentators believe that Michele’s “extreme” in the continuation of a few quarters after the people feel tired, but the enthusiasm of consumers diminished rather than increase. In the Q1 earnings, Gucci’s all product categories have double-digit growth, and full-price merchandise sales significantly improved. From the geographical point of view, the largest increase in sales in Western Europe, reaching 66.4%; followed by the Asia-Pacific, reaching 63.1%. The report also mentioned that the brand “whether in the local consumers or tourists, the Millennium generation or other age groups, are good.”

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