The CEO of kaiyun Group is confident of the future development

Bernard Arnault, CEO of the French luxury giants LVMH Group, said recently that despite the Group’s excellent performance in the first quarter, it remained cautious throughout the year and warned that the luxury market could usher in the 2008 financial crisis Maximum adjustment.

But the French luxury goods group Kering (open cloud) CEO François-Henri Pinault in the just-concluded general meeting to show full confidence, especially for its star brand Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent (hereinafter referred to as YSL) high-profile optimistic.

In 2016 fiscal year, Kaiyun Group’s sales grew 6.9% to 12.385 billion euros, Gucci and YSL growth were 12.3% and 25.3%. On Tuesday, Kaifeng Group announced key financial data for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017, with total sales of € 3,574 million, up 31.2% year-on-year and 28.6% growth at constant exchange rates. The division is expected twice. While sales of Gucci and YSL increased by as much as 51.4% and 35.4% respectively.

Such a huge increase so that many people have the same question: how can such a rapid growth can last long? At the shareholders’ meeting on Thursday, Pinault said: “Gucci still has a lot of room for growth, growth may even further accelerate last year, we significantly enhance the efficiency of the store this year will continue to work in this area. We have found the opportunity to further enhance the overall performance of all regions, markets and various types of goods, and I believe that we have found the right direction of development.

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